BB Glow Flawless Radiant Skin

The BB Glow Facial is a rapidly emerging trend in the beauty industry. This skin treatment is designed to reduce the visibility of issues like acne scarring, freckles, and uneven skin tones. Additionally, it enhances pore health by effectively clearing them, resulting in skin that radiates with a brighter, more even complexion, akin to the finish achieved with BB cream application.

BB Glow Mesotherapy is a semi-permanent treatment harnessing cutting-edge technology. This procedure utilizes a Micro Needle Therapy System that blends skin-colored pigment with niacinamide, peptides, and natural growth factors. The result is an effective treatment that offers brightening and anti-aging benefits, leaving skin with a revitalized appearance. Fine lines and wrinkles appear plumped, pores are reduced in visibility, and the skin exhibits a tinted glow akin to that of a tinted moisturizer or light foundation. The effects of this treatment can last for up to four months.

BB Glow Course


You will learn:

In our training, you will master the application of BB Glow using needles that provide a more gentle skin penetration compared to traditional skin needling, ensuring minimal discomfort for your clients.

The post-BB Glow facial results are truly remarkable, leaving the skin looking revitalized, lifted, and well-hydrated, thanks to the meso-needling technique, all while maintaining a high level of comfort for your customers.

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