Laser Safety Officer Course ED156

Laser Safety Guidelines

Under the Australian and New Zealand Standards (AS/NZS) you are required to have a Laser Safety Certificate if you operate a laser machine in the cosmetic or medical field.

Anyone seeking a licence to use laser apparatus is required to understand the biology and anatomy of the skin, types of skin lesions, wound healing, scar management, and pain management. No qualifications are required anyone wanting to learn laser safety can apply for this course.

This course is suitable for:

Beauty therapists, technicians, doctors, nurses, tattoo artists, and qualified staff that operate IPL or anyone who wishes to enter the profession of Laser Therapy or work as a laser practitioner.
Some of the subjects you will study include: 

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Trainee Licence to use a laser from QLD Radiation Health. 
This allows you to operate a laser under supervision while you learn to use it. 

  1. Certificates you will need to apply for a learner licence.
  2. Laser Safety training course.
  3. HLTINF005 Infection control Course.
  4. Traineee application to be approved by QLD Radiation Health.
  5. Once you have your trainee licence, you can gain competency with your supervisor to then go onto a full licence that allows you to operate independently and be responsible for your own clinical practice.


The College can arrange student training and supervision for their required laser hours prior to applying for their unrestricted laser licence. Your practical and theory laser hours will be supervised by an experienced registered nurse and signed off when competency has been achieved by the student.

A referral letter with your hours will be sent to QLD Radiation Health.

Hours that are required for each treatment are: 

If you would like more information or would like to enroll, please email or call:
0410 880 244  

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