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This comprehensive master class course will teach you all aspects of microblading and shading from profiling to drawing eyebrows to consent forms.
We will provide you with the skills, knowledge, professionalism, and know-how, to complement your existing business or even begin your new career! 

Eyebrow Feathering Technique

Eyebrow feathering employs cosmetic tattoos to replicate the appearance of genuine hair strands.

This hair stroke technique creates beautifully full, feather-like brows that exude a soft, even, and elegantly arched look. Fine hairlines are delicately etched onto the skin by embedding micro-pigments beneath the epidermis using a manual hand tool or digital machine, commonly referred to as microblading. On occasion, both devices are employed to achieve the desired outcome.

Powder or Ombre Brow

Powder brows are a category of permanent makeup employed to enhance the fullness and definition of eyebrows. These brows create the illusion as if you've directly applied powder to your brows, achieving a more pronounced and filled-in appearance.

Powder brows are a semi-permanent solution, applied over your natural eyebrow hairs. Typically, the brow's tails are shaded darker, while the front remains lighter, creating an ombre effect for a visually appealing appearance.

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Combination Brows

Combo brows combine microblading and powder brows (shading) techniques. Hair-like microblading strokes are intricately crafted from the brow's start to the middle, providing a natural appearance. This seamlessly transitions into a powdered effect towards the body and tail of the brow, delivering increased fullness and density to the brows.

Benefits of Eyebrow Tattooing:

Aquarelle Lip and Full Blush Lip Tattoo

Aquarelle Lip tattooing stands as the most recent advancement in permanent makeup, designed to provide full, beautifully colored coverage for the lips. This technique not only imparts a stunning hue but also enhances lip symmetry. After the healing process, the color may fade by up to 50%, leaving a gentle, blush-like tint across the entire lips.

Cosmetic Tattooing Lips Course

Full Lip Blush Tattoo

Full lip blush tattooing is a semi-permanent makeup technique that goes beyond enhancing lip shape; it also adds definition and the illusion of fullness. In comparison to lip fillers, the lip blushing procedure is often preferred. The primary aim of full lip blush is to achieve a natural-looking hue that elevates the overall lip appearance. It can correct uneven lip color and create the illusion of fuller, more luscious lips.

Benefits of Lip Tattooing:

Designer Eye Liner

Eyeliner is a variation of cosmetic tattooing. The pigment used differs significantly from traditional body tattoo ink. This tattoo is administered along the lash line and can be customized to create fine, thin, medium, or thick eyeliner styles.

Benefits of Eyeliner Tattoo

There are numerous advantages come with eyeliner tattooing, such as:

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Theory Knowledge Training

All theory is to be completed prior to you commencing your practical training.

Practical Skills Training

Includes hands-on training. Students will be assessed for their practical skills while performing treatments on live models.

Practical Resources Required

You will receive a free Cosmetic Tattooing machine and a Micro Blade Tool plus a kit.

You will require Models for the following procedures to practice:

Free: Cosmetic Tattoo Kit

If you would like more information or would like to enrol, please email or call:
0410 880 244 

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